Our main purpose is to provide modelling sessions, models and modelling tools to modelling groups.  Charities, recovery centres and organised groups can promote a holistic approach to well being and the modelling activities can be enjoyed in social groups.

Our current locations are featured on this map.  email enquiries@modelsforheroes.co.uk for more details on sessions near you!


For individuals unable to attend modelling sessions we may also be able to provide a direct modest supply of plastic scale models.   We accept referrals for this service from a professional such as your GP, Psychologist, Support or Key worker. 

Please inform your referrer that we require:

  • A signed headed letter or email from the professional body confirming that you are 1, receiving clinical treatment for mental health difficulties and 2, likely to receive positive mental benefit from appropriate plastic scale modelling activities. 
  • Confirmation that you will be physically able to accept a couriered delivery of a box approximately 60x80x40cm weighing 10kg.
  • An address to send the box of models to.  An email address/phone number incase the delivery is delayed and describe a safeplace to leave the parcel. (Neighbour at No.14 for example)

Our email and address can be found in the contact section of this website.  Please get in contact with any queries.

All our charitable services are currently offered pro bono.  However a donation of £10 to cover the courier costs would be most appreciated.