We are currently accepting volunteers.  Particular in the Loughborough and Brighton areas.


We would not be able to run Models for Heroes without the precious generosity of our volunteers.  Please take your time to read through this page and click the "SIGN ME UP" button below to signify that you have read and understand the roles and guidelines.

If you have some time to spare, a passion for modelling and a drive to assist then you will make a fantastic volunteer.  We have a group of 70+ now who provide their time and expertise to assist veterans and injured ex service personnel in their therapeutic hobby.

Volunteers advise on modelling skills from the very basics like how to decipher the numbers and letters on instructions to how to use a sanding stick and filler to smooth out seamlines.

The volunteering is coordinated mostly by our Chairman - Malcolm. We use a private Facebook Group to coordinate events and discuss practices.  Once you have submitted your volunteer form you`ll be invited to the group if you are on Facebook.  PLease get in contact if you DO NOT wish to use facebook.  In some cases the sessions are coordinated by staff of other organisations' charities.

Enthuse passionately, Encourage gently.

Volunteer Guidelines

These guidelines are fluid and we're adding to them all the time.

  • All modelling sessions are slightly different, but primarily a modelling session should be a relaxed, informal affair. Ultimately we want the sessions to be a place for encouragement of the hobby at a basic level, a good chat, bit of banter, friendly and fun. Think just a bunch of mates building stuff. Focussed, concentrating on the build is where we want everyone at. Enthuse passionately, Encourage gently.
  • Models for Heroes do not offer a clinical service.  We are modellers that teach modelling - therapeutic well being occurs naturally from the activity.  Please do not give advice that you are not professionally trained to give.  However please have awareness of the environment you are in and if necessary inform a staff member with any danger to health concerns immediately. 
  • To provide an awareness of the mental health needs of some beneficiaries Models for Heroes is very proud to be able to offer our volunteers a free 2 day Armed Forces First Aid Mental Health course taught by an accredited mental health for instructor from MHFA England.  These courses happen every 6 months on an RAF Base in south of England.
  • Common sense use of the sharp tools and toxic glues/paints should be used. If someone is painting, make sure a paper or cutting mat is on the desk to protect the furniture. The clippers are sharp so care must be taken when clipping parts from sprues. Please make sure your modellers aware of this at the start of every session. 
  • You will be volunteering with injured veterans both mentally and physically.  Be considerate, encourage and support those veterans with difficulties.  Offer space or suggest a break to anyone who may need it.  Modelling is unique that it focusses the mind on a physically small area and on the present moment.  For some, modelling is medicine.
  • As the sessions mature and the modellers start to progress they will naturally want to explore other models of their own and may ask for assistance and guidance on purchasing more.  Models for Heroes have good relationships with a lot of great manufacturers and suppliers and will gladly try and get a good deal on a kit for a veteran.
  • We reserve the right to remove or refuse you as a volunteer for Models for Heroes at any time for any reason.  Please note that some of our modelling sessions are very popular and we have to have a tight limit on the number of volunteers at any given modelling session as not to overwhelm the beneficiaries, usually two volunteers per session.
  • Finally, if you wish to be invited back to a modelling session consider bringing biscuits. Hobnobs perhaps. 

Vounteer Roles

This is a list of role requirements, recommendations and requests for you to uphold during your time at modelling sessions.  In summary, please act responsibly.

  1. If you are to be using your own vehicle to drive to a modelling session, and be carrying model supplies,  please inform your car insurance company that you will be doing so.  Your premium should not be effected.  A letter can be requested from us that you can pass to your insurance company if needed.
  2. As you may be working with potentially vulnerable and poorly adults You may be asked to complete an Advanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). The organisation, charity or company you are volunteering at will provide the forms for this.
  3. On arrival to your modelling session location report to your Point of contact.  These can be found on specific Facebook Group events.  If in doubt, please get in contact with us.  Please make sure you sign in and out where appropriate.
  4. Please make sure you are aware of the location of fire safety exits, first aid kits at the beginning of modelling sessions.  Any safety equipment you identify is needed we will supply. Please get in contact to advise us.
  5. As Models for Heroes Volunteer you will be offering your time for free to assist in the smooth running of modelling sessions.  This includes setting out cutting mats, tools, advising on beginner kits.
  6. You will be expected to provide and advise safe and clean working environment where possible.  Advise and practice sensible use of materials, tools and hazardous liquids.  Please remind everyone using the tools that some are sharp!
  7. You will be expected to decipher and explain model kit instructions and read small printed words, assist with construction techniques and advise on good building practice.
  8. We expect you to respect others and as an ambassador for Models for Heroes to conduct yourself with a respectful manner at all times.  Clean, tidy and appropriate attire is recommended.  Please wear your Models for Heroes badge or similar.
  9. We would like you to be actively involved with the promotion of modelling as a positive mental health activity and be enthusiastic about the hobby.
  10. Teaching or even reteaching new/old modellers the skills to make their own projects is incredibly rewarding and fofilling.  We want you to be happy with and proud of your role as Models for Heroes Volunteer.  Please contact us with any concerns or comments.

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