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Donate Kits

We require the following. 

  • Unstarted & Complete kits only.
  • All instructions and decals must be present and unsoiled.
  • Unused materials and tools preferable.
  • Acrylic paints please. We do not recommend enamel paint.
  • Please read the Terms below.

Send your kits, cheques, modelling materials to:

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Quick check before you send:

  • Remember to check the postage amount. We cannot afford to pay for inadequate postage or customs handling fees.

  • Unused/unopened materials and paints only.

  • Modelling magazines in a used condition or over a year old cannot be accepted.

  • If sending liquids please check the consignment restrictions on flammable liquids. Wrap the paints/glues/thinners up well and do not allow a spill or vapor to escape.
  • Please do not send cash. You can send cheques to our address or direct via paypal.

  • Add your EMAIL to a note so we can email you a THANK YOU.   Sadly we don't have the resources to write letters to all donors.  But please understand that we deeply appreciate all of the support.

Donations delivered to the Models for Heroes premises will become the property of Models for Heroes. We cannot take responsibility for lost items in the post. No returns are offered however if a donation has been made in error please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Donations of supplies including scale model kits and sundries will be scrutinised for quality.   Suitability of donated scale model kits and sundries will mainly relate to used and unused conditon. Scale model kits and sundries that are deemed unsuitable for donation will be sold or recycled to the financial benefit of Models for Heroes. Scale model kits and sundries deemed to be of a suitable quality are delivered on referral request or used as teaching materials.

Scale model kits that are damaged, partly started, have missing instructions or decals or parts will be deemed unsuitable for donation. Scale model kits that are opened, complete and undamaged will be deemed suitable and organised into storage ready for donation. Materials donated will also be inspected for quality.

Unopened liquids including glues, paints and thinners are suitable for donation. Damaged, half empty liquids will be unsuitable for donation.

If there are any doubt as to the suitability of your intended donation please email enquiries@modelsforheroes.co.uk.